Belarusians have learned the Click keyboard

Belarusians have learned the Click keyboard

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<p>Belarusian startup Clevetura (TOV 'Klevetura') announced Click

Intuitive keyboard

Sensor Click

“Keyboards behind our technology don’t need a touchpad as a whole. Її the function of typing keys: dotatno to hold on them, to control the cursor, or to make any other actions. It’s handy, functional, it’s great to save an hour, even if you don’t need to constantly move your hand. In fact, there is a new kind of coristuvatsky dosvіd vzaєmodії z vаєmodії z vіdchuttya, if you don’t need to get involved, everything will be done intuitively “

Technology supports different ways to interact: zoom, move between working tables, swing and scroll with a dot with two fingers. Such a system can speed up the process. For example, to drop a call from Skype, you won’t need to switch to a bear, it’s enough to rejuvenate yoga with one gesture.


The scale of development will begin to grow already at the lime – the company plans to release close to 100,000 outbuildings. Sales under the Prestigio brand will start, for example, sickle in the countries of the CIS and the Baltic states. The first gadget can be bought by mekans of Belarus, Russia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Estonia and Latvia.

Clevetura plans to win the technology not only for keyboards, but also for other devices, for example,

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